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norman yee who will be chairing beginning in february. i would like to note our work and the staff of sftv mike freeman and jesse -- who record the meeting and make transcripts available online for members of the public. are there any announcements? >> city clerk: make sure all cell phones electronic devices are turned off and all materials submitted to the clerk. >> could you please call item 1. >> appointing one member ending october 19, once seat and one applicant. if we could have mr. bass?
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for all applicants today the format is similar would ask you to briefly go through your bio and your work history as it relates to this position and a little bit about what you hope to accomplish or prioritizes a member. for the eastern neighborhood citizens advisory committee. >> thank you so much. supervisor yee, like to see you here today. supervisor kim, thank you supervisor farrell thank you. -- again good afternoon my name is walker b ass.i am so pleased to be here is the nominee for the eastern neighborhood citizens advisory committee. i would like to thank supervisor cohen for her confidence in me and appreciate the chance to be with you to highlight a
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few of my qualifications. i have been a resident of homeowner in district 10 for seven years, a resident of the bay area for 12 years; like many transplant i have fallen in love with our city and have become an active member of our community by becoming engage in political matters in volunteering my time to support good causes. i worked in the clinton white house for three years working presidential personnel and making recommendations on, yes, political appointment in his administration. i have a decent understanding of the political process and the appointment process to be sure. my career in the bay area has been and is the development primarily in large companies now with ernst & young. i also started a food truck with friends. and i chose local vendors to
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support our local economy. as a district 10 to this and i committed my time to community involvement as well as an advisory committee member with the mission ymca, and supervisor avalos's district. we sponsor a food and wine event, any golf tournament in santa cruz; we raised over 1,000,000 dollars of those events. i volunteered to junior achievement of the network for teaching entrepreneurship where i spent time with high school children discussing finance and business. i have become engaged in local event to discuss the future of the district and i recognize their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity facing district 10 and the eastern neighborhoods to create iconic and lasting projects for the overall community.
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insum , i have a strong desire to serve the committee in his capacity and put the time to understand the issues. whether it is transit improvements to meet the need of rapid development, affordable housing, pdr< more open space, city services, i know tough decisions will have to be made by the board of supervisors and city leadership in years to come. in my nominations met favorably but the committee and the board as a whole i will be pleased to join the cac to assist in those efforts. thank you for your time i appreciate it. >> thank you very much. at this time we don't have any questions for the committee members. i will open this item for members of the public. thank you so much. if there are members from the public who like to speak you have two minutes. seeing none,
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public comment is closed. (gavel) a seat appointed by supervisor cohen in district 10. do we have a motion? >> motion to move mr. bass forward with a recommendation up to the board. >> we have a motion with recommendation. do we have a second? we can do that without opposition. (gavel) congratulations mr. bass. >> item number two is considering appointing one member from determining november nineteenth the bicycle advisory committee. one seat one applicant. >> thank you could recall mr. casey allen. since he's not in the audience we do have the file in the record,
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reappointment. served in the bicycle committee since 1999; an appointment from supervisor avalos's staff. we will open up for public comment. >> my name is -- hill chair of the bicycle advisory committee. mr. allen could not make it today apparently but i do want to speak in support of him. casey has been on the bac longer than any other member, handling roberts rules of order. also has an incredible knowledge of the city. he has bicycle for a long time and is highly unusual in the fact that his profession as a local landscape architect in gardner with specialty of the native plants of san francisco. works exclusively in returning front yards to its original health, huge volunteer effort.
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what is most important about that is he doesn't entirely with his bicycle. we want more people who do the business on a bicycle, especially landscape design and architecture. he lives what he walks. he is a wonderful community member i would like to support his nomination, and urges appointment. think is so much. >> thank you so much. seeing none public comment is closed. (gavel) colleagues, we typically ask for appointments to the present. but it is as a reappointment. is there a motion?
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>> i move the nominee to come on board. >> we have a nomination, mr. allen to the full board. was recommendation. we have a second and can do that without opposition. >> item 3 appointing board members to appeal boards number one. there are four seats, five applicants. >>i do understand that one of the candidates, alberto rios has withdrawn his application. we have four seats and four applicants. we have several of the candidates here beginning with joseph tham. the format is the same
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talk about your background how it relates to this position. if there are questions of the committee i will direct them to you. thank you for being here. >> good afternoon my name is joseph tham. i was on board from 2002-2011, i finished 12 years at the puc, i am retired now. i have been in the real estate business as a sales, appraiser, certified general appraiser; sales since 1983, appraiser since 1987. on the board since 2002. i want to continue my public service i have been involved with the
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glbt and chinese community. i want to continue public service and hope to continue my service on the board. i am seeking one of the two vacancies, seat 2 and 5. either one of those. >> i want to clarify again, although this is already in your record, but for the sake of the public that you have a minimum five years professional experience in the state and one of the areas listed as an area of expertise. >>yes, i've sat in board 1 and 2, and hearing officer during the nine years i was on board 2. >> thank you so much, seeing no questions from board members, we will hear next from mr. mark watts.
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thank you mr. tham. >> good afternoon my name is mark watts. i have an alternate member of the board. i have served in this position for the last two years. i have heard -- whether a single-family residence or complicated commercial property the principles remain the same. this is also what i do for a living. i have more than 20 years experience as a commercial real estate appraiser in san francisco. i appraise complex commercial properties. thank you. >> i appreciate your willingness to continue serving as a full-time member of this committee. thank you. are third applicant is mr. scott spertzel.
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>> i am reapplying for alternate member for board 1, which is served for the past three years. i have 15 years of experience as a certified public accountant doing both public, accounting work and litigation matters as expert testimony. during the past three years i had the opportunity to work as a hearing officer. i am also a certified fraud examiner. any questions? >> seeing none, thank you very much. [indiscernible] and last but not least we do have ms. donna crowder.
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>> hi my name is donna crowder. thank you. supervisor yee, nice to see you. i live in your district. my work experience as it relates to this alternate position for board 1, i have been a real estate broker since 1977, and independent for 20 years now with -- coldwell banker. during my tenure i sold or manner of commercial, and business properties. i specialize in high-end residential sales at this time of my career and development. i have been very active in the san francisco association of realtors and the california association of realtors. >> thank you. it's great to see a female
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applicant for this board. there are no questions of board members at this time. we will not open up for public comment on this item. if you would like to speak on this item on behalf of any applicants approach. >> good afternoon rules committee. (singing) city maybe you and i can point as one. city, maybe you and i can be as one. and -- appoint the city better. make me wish there were 24 hours to each city day.
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appoint me something good. >> thank you mr. paulson. any of the members of the public? >> i have been administrator for the assessment appeals board. i'm here to answer any questions. >> i apologize for not bringing you up earlier. are there any other members of the public that would like to speak? seeing none public comment is closed. (gavel) we have four applicants for four seats; helps ease the process for us. great to see four very qualified applicants. it is great to see mr. watts
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who has served as an alternate now apply for one of the seats of the assessment appeals board. it's a lot of work and it is important work. we appreciate the volunteer spirit in applying for these positions. >> make a motion to move mr. tham for seat 2, mr. watts for seat 5, ms. crowser for seat 8. ifmr. spertzel seat 6. gvl (gavel) >> item four.
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assessment appeals board. four seats, nine applicants. >> i believe several candidates are here and alberto rios has withdrawn his nomination. four seats, eight applicants. ms. lewis. >> good afternoon, i am a licensed attorney in the state of california. coming today seeking reappointment to the appeals board. i was seeking your regular appointment. i would like to amend my application and add alternate as well because i do have a full-time government position. >> do you prefer to be an alternate? >> that is my preference.
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however i still would consider a regular appointment. as far as my experience i have been the president of the condominium association for the past 15 years. i am an active landlord, over 25+ years of public service. in a municipality, the city of berkeley, as well as at the federal level. i have worked with the very diverse population over the years. since my initial appointment, i function primarily as an alternate hearing officer presiding over approximately 40 cases per month; i have also occasionally filled in for board 1 or 2 as needed. since i was before you last i have engaged in self-study,
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real estate appraisal; i enrolled in the real estate class in san francisco college. completed all of the required training to the city and county of seven cisco, brown act, sunshine act; once i completed my commission appointment process i immediately began to mentor two young women through the commission process and excited to report that both women received a mission appointments in their respective jurisdictions, sacramento county and the city of berkeley. i enjoy my public service and he will entrust me with another term i promise to remain committed and expand my service to the city and county of san francisco. thank you very much. any questions? >> this is a question that i ask of all of the applicants,
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particularly for property where four units or less, and its residential. sometimes i get e-mails from homeowners that are getting the property reappraised and how it would be frustrating as far as the length of time to hear back in the financial hardship they may endure during the time period. >> many members of the public come to the hearing process. they are either unprepared, or don't know what to bring to the hearing process. we use it as an opportunity to educate the public even when i'm a rule against them i try to give them an explanation about why i have reached that conclusion and what they might do
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to obtain assistance. i know the last hearing there was a woman who spoke chinese. and she brought a flyer. it was written in chinese. she really needed assistance. i was able to communicate with them. next time she should bring an interpreter or someone who can help her through the communication process. >> i assume we also provide interpretation if requested in advance? >> don -- would be the person to respond. >> maybe donna can address that after we hear from the applicant. it is very important that we provide interpreters ourselves. >>that has been an issue. >> especially for language involved.
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>> thank you very much. >>thank you. >>next we have ms. louisa mendoza. >> good afternoon to the panel ladies and gentlemen. my name is louisa mendoza, resident of san francisco for over 25 years. from south america via the caribbean. i am seeking a permanent appointment. also substituting in the board 1 as a hearing officer. real estate broker for over 15 years; practice real estate for 20 years when i began as a property manager.
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for 12 years i have been a certified mortgage broker; i do own and operate m&m financial services of which i also offer-- i do consult in insurance, as a licensed insurance agent. during my experience i have also done a lot of broker opinions for lending institutions, determining market values for property for the basis of the internal transactions. i have been a member of the san francisco board of realtors woman's council, now we are becoming again very active. i am also the president of the travelers club of san francisco.
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>> seeing that you already served on the board, if you could respond to the question that i asked of ms. lewis. >> i do believe that additional efforts can be made. it can be reviewed in the assessor's office as to how this can be done. information to the public, very important. a lot of times residents come with insufficient information; don't have the knowledge about what they need to bring. many times most of them they have one chance only because they would have missed the opportunity of reapplying, or applying for the current year because the cases take such a long time and they don't understand the process.
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in some ways where we can get that type of education out, for those who have agents who know about agents. there are more advantages. one of the things for me in this position in board 2, i do recognize the shortcomings of most of our residents. i tried to look at the cases very objectively in trying to bring together as one of the comments, the public comment, trying to bring one with city government and its residents so you can have that type of understanding. >> thank you very much, and thank you for your service as well. next we have ms. robia crisp.
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no, i'm sorry, ms. crisp has let our office know that she could not be here today due to a work scheduling conflict. mr. tham, are you interested? we will remove you from this list. next we have ms. kristine nelson. >> hi. thank you for listening to me today. i'm applying for board number 2, full-time or as an alternate. as far as experienced goes i have been active in really state and real estate appraisals and 1984. i have been a real estate agent since 1984,
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and an appraiser since 1986. i have been active i own apartments. i was the chief appraiser. i have had to review appraisers review; not always agreement in value. chief appraiser is more of a management position with different appraisers. i have a lot of appraiser experience. >> and so you might be familiar with the issue i brought up about homeowners, one or two units. sometimes i get frustrated e-mails from our constituents
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who have gone through the process a complaint about really long wait times and often don't understand the process. it can be very confusing if you don't have the experience that many of you do. i'm curious about your thoughts around that. >> i think -- you are always trying to find a market value. the market value for people is sometimes different. they think the house is perfect. maybe it has something that from a marketing standpoint, something is wrong. it is important to them to understand that you need to have the most similar, recent sales. in the same neighborhood. most recent. usually dealing with the market going down. if you are dealing with the market going up you want listings.
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i listened to one hearing. i sat in one of the assessment board hearings, on the same street, a condo on the same street being reassessed. one was fronting positive, another fronting something that was taking away from the value. they need education. when you go through the first process there is a checklist as to what you should be bringing in if you're going to the hearing. >> thank you so much. thank you ms. nelson. next we have shawn ridgel

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